In the Company of Friends

In the Company of Friends is based on a philosophy of respect, relationships and supports person-centered planning. 

This unique funding model is offered to Manitobans with an intellectual disability who are interested in self-directing and managing their own lives.  

The individual chooses a support network to assist in and be part of their life.  Support network members actively support the person in creating and maintaining a meaningful life through active listening and an understanding of who the person is on a deeper level.   They understand the value of relationships and are believers in supported decision making.  Support network members bring their thoughts, skills and knowledge to support the individual's decision making process.

People choose ICOF to explore community, citizenship and relationships.  They are interested in having a flexible, self-directed life that is individualized and person-centered.  They are also interested in hiring their own staff, increasing their independence and fostering meaningful relationships.

ICOF is available to eligible individuals through Community Living disABILITY Services and is supported by Innovative Life Options.

For more information contact: 
Patti Chiappetta, Executive Director – Phone: 204-784-4814, Email:
Laurie Miller, Senior Coordinator –

Innovative LIFE Options
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Innovative LIFE Options is a non-profit organization that promotes self-directed living in Manitoba through three unique support options, In the Company of Friends, Options for Services and the Community Navigator. Our mission is to present people with an intellectual disability the opportunity to direct their best lives.


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