5 benefits of the support network,  Relationships, Increase self esteem and self worth. Valued social rolls, expanded opportunities and supported decision making

Support Networks

A support network is a group of people that a person chooses to assist in and be part of their life. Typically a support network includes people who have meaningful relationships with the person.

Support networks work together to listen, support and share their opinions, skills and knowledge. This creates opportunities for assisted decision making, wider perspectives and personal growth.

At Innovative Life Options, we believe support networks are the foundation for deeply rooted, unique and diverse relationships that build inclusive communities and meaningful lives for everyone involved.

Please contact info@icof-life.ca for more information on support networks.

Network Building - An Innovative Life Options tool for individuals thinking about their own support network development. Click here to read more:

Building our Network - An Innovative Life Options tool for support networks Click here to read more:

Journey of discovery to Belonging:  An Innovative Life Option tool - A list of questions compiled to help you get to know what it is that gives a specific person's life meaning.  Use this tool when deepening connections and discovering a person's story.

Support Network Research: An Innovative Life Options research study  conducted in 2002 with In the Company of Friends support networks.  We believe this document extends farther beyond the scope of In the Company of Friends and highlights the richness of support networks in general.  Support Network Research Findings

Support Network Development:  An Innovative Life Options resource - Support Network Development goes beyond simply bringing people to the table...it is about intentionally building relationships.  Support Network Development Findings

Support Network Development Facilitators Guide:  What Can we offer to you?  Check out a few pages of our Support Network Development guide.  Contact our office for further information about how we can help you. Support Network Development Facilitators Guide

Privacy Policy:  We have provided links to third party websites for your convenience and further information on support networks and supported decision making.  If you access these links, you will be leaving the Innovative Life Options website.

Canadian Association for Community Living Supported Decision Making – Video showing the importance of Supported Decision Making.

Community Living Manitoba - Guide explaining the Vulnerable Person's Act for families.

Community Living Manitoba - Guide explaining the Vulnerable Person's Act for individuals.

Disability Rights Maine - This Guide was created by Disability Rights Maine to provide information about Supported Decision-Making to individuals with disabilities and their families and supporters.  


Helen Sanderson Decision Making Agreement Video about how to create and the importance of Decision Making Agreements.

Helen Sanderson Decision Making Profile - The decision making profile creates a clear picture about how a person makes a decision and how they want to be supported in decision-making.


It's My Choice Toolkit - Provide opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities to experience personal fulfilment, purpose and authentic social and physical inclusion, to live a good life.

Michael Bach Video about how supported decision making can allow those with disabilities to take back control with the help of their families and communities.

Plan Institute is a non-profit social enterprise that works to improve the lives of people with disabilities by collaborating on community-based projects, providing educational training, and advocating for policy reform.

The UC Davis MIND Institute (Medical Investigation of Neurodevelopmental Disorders) – Video on supported decision making.

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