Inclusion and Citizenship

Inclusion and Citizenship reflects each person having rights and being seen as an equally contributing member of society.
It is about moving beyond just being present in the community to having a sense of belonging and valued roles. 

We have highlighted a variety of organizations and would be happy to provide further assistance in finding additional resources.

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Beth Mount - Author and artist focusing on creating inclusive communities.

The Centre for Welfare Reform is a think tank, based in Sheffield and working globally. We believe everyone is equal and we work to create a world where everyone matters.

Citizen-Centered Leadership (CCLD) serves as a hub for networks of people concerned with preserving the integrity of the disability inclusion movement, including online courses and video/resource libraries.

Citizen Network is a cooperative bring people together, from all around the world, to support each other to create a world where everyone matters - Includes Networks regarding self-directed futures and support networks.

Community Activators - Tool and resource library to help build welcoming and productive communities.

David Pitonyak - Imagine consulting practice which is dedicated to supporting people who experience disabilities and exhibit, what some have called, "difficult behaviors."

Good Things in Life Podcast bringing you the voices, ideas and conversations of world-class thought leaders, mentors, disabled people and their families.

iBelong is an online resource to help all individuals with disabilities to have lasting friendships.

Inclusion Press - Resources to learn and understand the deep history of inclusion for all in education and community.

People First of Canada is a 100% self-advocate and member-led national organization representing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, fighting for human rights, citizenship rights, accommodation rights, and language rights.
People First of Canada – People First of Canada

Person Centred SK - Tools and resources to support Saskatchewan's disability services sector in strengthening person-centred practices and culture.

Taking Charge of Your Life is a resource to encourage you and those people that are important to you to gather and hold conversations that will allow you to dream big, imagine new opportunities and take charge of your life.

Community Development

Community Development is critical to each person's sense of belonging and engaging with others in our everyday lives. 
ABCD In Action - A community of members from around the world, exploring together how to apply the principles and practices of Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD)

Abundant Community - Free video conferences and resources to read and hear stories of action around community development.

Community Activators provide action-based training and organizational coaching for helping professionals, educators, and community activists in creating strength/asset-based and multicultural models of community development.

Just Us Café - A hub of articles, podcasts, and gathering opportunities to learn about community development.

The Learning Tree is an association of neighbors that specializes in Asset Based Community Development, learning and education that improves the quality of lives of people, communities, schools and businesses.

Neighbours International - An innovative non-profit organization created specifically to support people with disabilities and their families in choosing and designing a life for themselves within their local towns and neighborhoods in the United States.


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