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Shannon Walowetz, Innovative LIFE Options Staff

When I was in high school, I had a guidance counselor that supported me through some pretty difficult situations in my life; she listened, offered advice and sometimes just told me when I was being crazy.  She passed away before I was really able to thank her for what she had brought into my life, and it was at that point that I realized I wanted my life to make a difference for someone else.  It was many years later before I was able to say that yes, I believe I am making a difference.  Coming to work for LIFE has been one of the best things that has happened to me.  I feel that what I do, no matter how small, makes a difference, but I’ve also come to realize that no matter how much I have to offer, I also still have plenty of room to learn and grow.  I continue to look forward to the many opportunities to do so and wanted to thank each and everyone that crosses my path for your continued contribution to my life.