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Betina Roberts , Innovative LIFE Options Staff

Straight out of College I worked intensively with a family whose son had recently been diagnosed with Autism and an auditory processing disorder.  I joined their journey, learning as they did how to navigate the systems, sharing with them the joys and truimphs, the setbacks and heart aches.  It was after months of trying to teach communication that we turned to sign language… and after several difficult sessions it all fell into place.  I was the first person he ever signed to; “I want juice”.  I will never forget that moment. 

Since that time my life has taken several different roads, marriage, a move to Western Canada, children, business ownership, but it ultimately it has lead me to LIFE.  I am honoured to be welcomed and invited to share in others journeys; to offer my experiences, knowledge and understanding, but also to absorb the lessons and the history that each invidual involved with ICOF has to offer.  I cannot wait for all the  unforgettable moments I will experience in my work with LIFE and ICOF.